SHANY Nail Art Set (24 Famous Colors Nail Art Polish)


  • 24 piece nail art set ,4 pearl shades,4 neon shades,11 matte shades,5 glitter shades
  • Most wished for, most gifted nail art set. Quality beyond USA and CE ,FDA standards
  • Durable design, Quick dry, Fine nail brush, Long lasting , yet Affordable nailpolish
  • No need UV lamp, LED lamp nail dryer, Quick dry formula, Use Top coat and base coat
  • Works great with Shany nail art set, Nail brushes, Nail manicure pedicure accessories


This 24 piece nail art set has every color you need to design fabulous nails. Let your imagination run wild. Use the thin brush to create different patterns like feather strokes, checkered squares, rainbows, flowers and much more. *Tip* layer glitter over design to add sparkle. 1. Lime green (pearl) 2. Neon green 3. Yellow (matte) 4. Neon pink 5. Fuchsia (pearl) 6. Neon purple 7. Red (matte) 8. Neon yellow 9. White (matte) 10. Black (matte) 11. Silver (glitter) 12. Gold (glitter) 13. Pink (glitter) 14. Blue (glitter) 15. Green (glitter) 16. dark grey (matte) 17. Pink (matte) 18. Sky blue (matte) 19. Lavender (matte) 20. Brick (matte) 21. Navy (pearl) 22. Forest green (matte) 23. Orange (matte) 24. Purple (pearl)

SHANY Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set

24 Matte, Pearl, and Glitter Colors for Gorgeous Nails

Great for home manicures and pedicures, the SHANY Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set contains 24 total shades: four pearl, four neon, 11 matte, and five glitter finishes in colors like navy, white, neon pink, and orange. The quick-dry, long-wear formula requires no UV lamps or special dryers to set. To keep your nails looking great for longer, apply a base coat and a top coat.

Designed by makeup professionals in the US, this product was not tested on animals. SHANY is a proud member of PETA.

Quick Dry and Long Lasting

Thin Brush Creates Patterns and Designs

Each bottle of nail polish includes a thin brush that you can use to create a variety of fun patterns and designs like feather strokes, checkered squares, rainbows, flowers, and much more. Quick tip: layer glitter shades over your designs to make them sparkle.

For more options, combine this set with the SHANY 24pc Nail Polish Set and get the best results.

Salon Quality

Enhanced formula and affordability has made this set the #1 choice for salon owners and their customers.


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