About Us

Launched in 2012, The Online Explorer is a privately owned Mexican company headquartered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with warehouses around the globe including USA, China, Malaysia and Pakistan.

We are an eCommerce company supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions, the pioneering eCommerce ecosystem worldwide, over hundreds of brands serving thousands of consumers across the globe. The Online Explorer offers a diverse assortment of products in categories ranging from consumer electronics to apparel and household goods. We provide a platform to our customers who wish to buy goods on cheap prices and free of any shipping charges.


Since 2012, The Online Explorer has envisioned for consumers around the globe to shop directly with their favorite brands and enjoy a shopping experience that makes them feel right at home.

To make our vision a reality, our mission is to build the most powerful global eCommerce platform in the world. No matter where the shopper is located, if a brand is based in another country, the shopper’s experience can still feel local and familiar. From pricing to payments, shipping to returns, we use our technology to bring brands and shoppers closer together, making the world feel like a smaller place.


Mr. Syed, a Professional Marketing Executive holding Masters in Business Administration (Marketing), Certified ACCA Professional and a degree in Software Design, serves as a Founder and President of The Online Explorer with a vision to connect global brands and shoppers around the world.


More than 50 highly skilled specialists and more than 500 Affiliates work with us, expanding the eCommerce value chain across areas such as Product Promotion, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance and more.

If you are passionate about making a difference in the eCommerce space, and are interested in joining us, please check out our Affiliates Section.

TheOnlineExplorer.com offers FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Pay for your product only and We will deliver it to your doorstep with no extra charges (12-20 Days) Dismiss